A New Era
for Sustainability Alliances

The global meeting for a better world.
October 7–8, 2024

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The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Olaf Scholz at the SDG Summit in New York. © Bundesregierung

"To further accelerate our efforts to reach the SDGs, I would like to invite all of you, as well as business leaders, financial institutions and civil society from around the world, to the Hamburg Sustainability Conference."


Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz
United Nations SDG Summit 2023, New York

A mockup with SDG cubes in the Alster River in Hamburg.

In 2015, the people of all nations decided to make the world a better place.

A good life for all, on a healthy planet.
But we are not getting there. Not reaching a single goal.

We need to rethink.

How do we mobilize companies to invest in sustainability?
How do we renew global finance?
How do we build sustainable cities?
How do we create green mobility?
How do we renew trust in international governance?

We need to rethink.
And act.


Join us at the Hamburg Sustainability Conference in October 7–8, 2024.

  • Hamburg City Hall from the front, illuminated with square lights in the SDG colors. © unsplash / Joshua Kettle


    We need a new era of sustainability, new alliances with business leaders, global policy makers, and society. Halfway from the adoption of the SDGs in 2015 on the path to 2030, the Hamburg Sustainability Conference is establishing a new, public-private global platform to speed up the implementation of the SDGs and deliver results-oriented solutions.

  • A young woman in an orange sari stands on a podium, in front of a microphone. © iStock / triloks


    The conference will provide a space for questioning topics such as the governance of international organizations and entrepreneurial approaches for sustainable development. Additional activities will be held throughout Hamburg for invited guests and the public. The Hamburg Sustainability Conference is a year-round process with numerous activities in locations around the world.

  • People in business suits are having a conversation and smiling at each other. © iStock / DisobeyArt


    The conference will convene heads of states, as well as leaders from the private sector, academia, civil society and international organizations to develop joint solutions for the much-needed socio-ecological transformation. The program will be guided by the HSC Circle, a Supervisory Board and an international Advisory Board.

  • A group of three men and a woman in business suits are having a conversation. The woman is holding a tablet and instructing the group. © iStock / alvarez


    The Hamburg Sustainability Conference is to start a new era of sustainability, with new opportunities for companies to contribute to the achievement of the global agenda. Alongside public sector, academia, and civil society, corporate partners will play a key role in the Hamburg Sustainability Conference. The tremendous potential of the private sector and civil society to accelerate SDG progress must get unleashed.

  • A man holds his phone in his hand. On his screen, there is the Hamburg Sustainability Conference’s newsletter. © unblast


    The Hamburg Sustainability Conference is a new format with plans coming into place. As content is created, details will be shared through the HSC newsletter. Readers will receive updates about partners, key speakers, panels, workshops, satellite events and activities open to the public. News will also be about general sustainability topics and SDG progress.

  • A man wearing a white shirt and lanyard sits on a stool. He smiles at the person he is speaking to. © Adobe Stock / KOTO


    There will be a dedicated HSC team offering a range of services to manage requests of local and global journalists. While the program develops, and participant and partner lists grow, there will be exciting news to share. Information on how to reach to the press team and receive additional media assets will be coming soon.


The annual conference and its international satellites are a joint initiative of the United Nations (UNDP), the German Federal Government (BMZ), the Michael Otto Foundation and the City of Hamburg.


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