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Three Forums and Five Hubs for Meaningful Engagement

At the HSC, international policymakers and global leaders are invited to address the most pressing sustainability issues and work together on scalable solutions. How can our collective action across a diversity of sectors accelerate progress towards a sustainable future? We encourage participation as we strive to foster resilience, equality, and innovation across the HSC Forums and Hubs.

Download the preliminary conference program here and learn about this year's topics below.

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    FORUM 1: Reshaping International Financial Architecture

    How can multilateral financial institutions drive SDG progress? Discuss the mechanisms behind fair global rating systems, tax cooperation, and debt restructuring for sustainable financing while engaging in dialogues on trade systems, economic futures, and the intersection of conflict and transformation. In 2020, MDBs allocated over $230 billion to Emerging Markets and Developing Economies: how might the investment pave the way for transformative breakthroughs? 

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    FORUM 2: Unleashing Investments for SDGs

    A 40% decrease in foreign direct investment in 2020 signaled significant challenges for developing countries. How can we co-create frameworks and enable conditions to scale sustainable financial flows? Join us in scaling sustainable finance and venture capital for a net-zero future and leading the transition to a green and circular economy. 

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    FORUM 3: Leveraging Transformation

    A just transition to a sustainable future for all presents challenges but also opportunities for international collaboration on the biggest challenges of our time.  How can we strategize for sustainable city development amidst rapid urbanization or use AI to drive significant economic benefits? The HSC addresses these and other crucial topics through dedicated Hubs fostering co-creation for a more equitable, sustainable future.


    This year’s Hubs focus on Resilient Food Systems, Green Energy & Net Zero, Responsible AI & Digitalization, Future Cities and Empowering Societies.

Learn more about the Hubs of Forum 3 here

Hub Resilient Food Systems: As global food production faces a 30% decrease due to climate crisis, resilient food systems are critical to worldwide food security. The Hub will include formats on sustainable agriculture and food systems, regenerative innovations and the effects of AI on food security.  

Hub Green Energy & Net Zero: In the global quest for sustainable energy solutions, with renewables accounting for 26% of global electricity generation, advancing green energy agenda is crucial. At this year’s HSC leveraging hydrogen technology, potential for green industrialization in developing economies, carbon pricing mechanisms and sustainable fuels and aviation will be discussed. 

Hub Responsible AI & Digitalization: With the rise of AI, it is critical to ensure justice and accountability in the implementation of the new technology. In this Hub the participants will address such topics as universal access to mobility data, AI and food systems, cryptocurrencies in sustainable development and regulation. 


Hub Future Cities: As urban populations grow, ecologically friendly, socially inclusive, and economically viable cities are essential for a sustainable future. These key topics with the focus on the achievement of climate neutrality and green mobility in the cities of the future will be discussed at the HSC 2024. 

Hub Empowering Societies: Fair and inclusive policies are critical to achieving the 2030 Agenda. The Hub will focus on the initiatives to empower women and girls, just mobility, implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the role of NGOs, philanthropy and social networks as drivers of change. 


Download the preliminary program here. (Updated June 2024)

Program Download

Tailored Conference Formats for Collective Impact

From bolstering financial resilience to ensuring food security, fostering digital innovation to advancing urban development, HSC serves as a catalyst for collective action towards achieving the imperative global SDGs. HSC conference formats are crafted with a political lens to address paramount sustainability challenges.

  • New Alliance Talks

    The New Alliance Talks bring together leaders from politics, business and civil society from emerging countries and leading economies to discuss and build alliances to change policy frameworks and improve policies to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs.

  • Future Talks

    Future Talks are a moderated concise debating format consisting of two contrasting speakers from different sectors debating a controversial topic. They address pressing issues and highlight urgent problems. 

  • Solutions Talks

    Solutions Talks focus on entrepreneurial and pioneering approaches to achieving SDG goals. Experts, entrepreneurs, activists and scientists from emerging countries and leading economies present innovative and scalable solutions.

  • Accelerator Groups

    Accelerator Groups are moderated discussions and innovative interactive workshop formats where groups and delegations come together to exchange ideas, form new alliances, and address complex challenges.

  • Network and Exhibition

    The networking area offers the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with participants. In the related exhibition area, organizations showcase best practice examples and publications and present their SDG breakthroughs to the audience.

  • Keynotes and Panels

    Distinguished speakers, including Heads of States, will present ground-breaking initiatives, discuss, and announce sustainable progress in high-level keynotes and panels.