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FAQs about the
Hamburg Sustainability Conference

What is the Hamburg Sustainability Conference?

The Hamburg Sustainability Conference (HSC) is a new global sustainability platform for leading minds from politics, business, science, civil society, and multilateral organisations. In times of increasing geopolitical crises, it aims to promote a partnership-based exchange between representatives from leading economies and emerging societies and empower the private sector to contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The conference offers a new high-level format that serves as a forum to jointly develop solutions for the necessary socio-ecological transformation.

Why was the Hamburg Sustainability Conference Initiated?

The world needs new momentum on the way to the Sustainable Development Goals. Global crises and conflicts of interest slow down their implementation with people in the emerging societies carrying the main burden. There needs to be a space for trusting dialogue and partnership-based collaboration to reach the goals faster in an increasingly difficult environment. The Hamburg Sustainability Conference provides a link between political summits, the private sector and civil society.

When and where will the first Hamburg Sustainability Conference 2024 take place?

The conference will take place from October 7–8, 2024 in Hamburg. The venues are the Hamburg City Hall and The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, parallel to the conference there will be activities in public spaces around Hamburg for the city's residents and guests.

Who are the organizers?

The Hamburg Sustainability Conference is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is being held in close cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Michael Otto Foundation and the City of Hamburg.

What topics will be addressed at the Hamburg Sustainability Conference?

Among the topics on this year’s agenda are International Financial Architecture and Global Governance, Private Sector Mobilization and Financing, Resilient Food Systems, Responsible Artificial Intelligence for SDGs, Green Energy, Feminist Policy, Sustainable Urban Development, Mobility and Mineral Resources. The program will include a variety of formats such as round table discussions, expert talks, business presentations, pitches, workshops and more.

What role does the private sector play in the Hamburg Sustainability Conference?

The conference aims to encourage new public-private partnerships and empower the private sector for SDG commitment. Global decision-makers from politics, business, science, and civil society will mutually work towards political breakthroughs, share best practices, and introduce new solutions ready to be implemented and scaled within the planetary boundaries. Multilateral alliances will advocate for scalable projects and progressive policies. The Hamburg Sustainability Conference is driven by the vision that socio-ecological transformation requires interdisciplinary and trustful collaboration among the international community.

Who is invited to the Hamburg Sustainability Conference?

Around 1,000 international guests are expected. The participants will include decision-makers from the leading economies and emerging societies. High-ranking state and government representatives as well as decision-makers from business, science, civil society, and multilateral organizations will also be invited. The formats in the public space of the city of Hamburg will be open to all interested citizens. Please mind that self-registration for the conference is not possible. Media representatives can submit their request for participation via email at

What results are expected?

The Hamburg Sustainability Conference aims to provide a space in which a trusting dialogue and new pioneering international alliances of political decision-makers, private sector leaders and representatives from academia and civil society can emerge. The aim is to jointly develop solutions for the necessary socio-ecological transformation and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What happens after the inaugural conference in 2024?

After the 2024 conference, further events are planned for 2025 and 2026. The Hamburg Sustainability Conference does not see itself as a one-off conference, but as a process with numerous activities during the year to ensure a sustainable impact worldwide.

How is it ensured that the Hamburg Sustainability Conference is organized sustainably?

A comprehensive sustainability concept is being drawn up for the Hamburg Sustainability Conference. This will be aligned with the ISO standard for sustainable events to ensure that the sustainability of the conference is verified and evaluated by an external body.

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